No App

An App may not work as believed, in testing it showed that simple is best. The number of product rewards vary too much causing confusion, along with App size. We are back thinking on the card/cell number program. The cellphone number platform linked to a small balance updating App looks to be the best program, based on test results.

The financial benefit side is in play, with the interest rate reduction based on points submitted.

#TeamMembers….Are not employees


All can earn and live as they succeeded as a team with the same goal and belief.

Team Shotts Beverage believe if you have the knowledge to know better, and learning is part of growing, it’s natural that we use that team knowledge to deliver a healthy body friendly beverage collection while engaging all to share the beverage experience along with the financial opportunity, and rewards.   


Offer a quality body friendly beverage collection, by team leaders who will honestly explain the plus and minus of the beverage collection, while assisting with ways you benefit by using your rewards to help yourself financially, or others achieve their goal of small business ownership. 

Shotts Beverage Corp