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An App may not work as believed, in testing it showed that simple is best. The number of product rewards vary too much causing confusion, along with App size. We are back thinking on the card/cell number program. The cellphone number platform linked to a small balance updating App looks to be the best program, based on test results.

The financial benefit side is in play, with the interest rate reduction based on points submitted.

We are almost there.

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Yes. It’s taking a long time. What we’re building is a program that gives you an interest reduction or better borrowing rate, based on the amount of rewards accumulated from enjoying a select number of beverages.

The financial people and the beverage people have to be on the same page, regarding the value of rewards.

Fingers crossed  !!!

#TeamLeader platform….Keeping it simple


The Shotts Beverage Corp team leader platform is simple, some are making it confusing by adding products that are not part of the program.

Shotts Beverage Corp platform : Support (buy) the products in the program, receive friendly financial help ( 0 % ) from your team leader.

Any questions : 1-888-616-9976 or email

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