#SocialMedia & #Government

Social media and Government departments are working closer together to shape the way anyone, including companies, promote or present product and product information. Web post are available globally. Shotts Beverage Corp is a start-up, what we present to the public must be fact and comply with laws reflective of many regions and religions. The service or product offered by Shotts Beverage Corp will be public. The public display of our service or product will not be a promotion. The service or product public display and listing will be and is an example of services or products. All details of public displayed service or product by Shotts Beverage Corp can be requested via email.

#Update ……Weed


January / February 2018 we will have completed the change of business direction. The end of November / 2017 the phone number 1-888-616-9976 will no longer be in service. Any questions or inquires, please email drink@shotts.org