#MakingMoney .

Making money is the all of all. Sometimes the cheese in the trap smell & look so good, we are blind to reality.

We at Shotts Beverage Corp are all about keeping it simple and social. Promote the beverage collection to your social media followers, explain the rewards financial and gaming advantages, then interact with our solar-powered Detroit outlet-1 .

This is not money quick, it is money honest, and will surprise you with genuine financial ups. Our test market was a financial positive surprise and allowed product zone adjustment. The areas of challenge that continue, is working with retailers. We have two plans of direct distribution in beta stage, as our goal is to deliver a quality product at a competitive price and rewards that are considered rewards.

Join our leadership team, and reward yourself and social followers.

Email to : drink@shotts.org  and we will answer your questions.


#Detroit of the other America….


The easy history is the white and black stories of Detroit. The discovered stories, paint a new picture.

My experience of the new Detroit tells of what can be done by who knows how, and the lost feeling by those who don’t understand how. The how is the building of the next economy, the next employer, the next neighborhood of the next Detroit. Many will tell you that this is already happening, while the forgotten tell you of their hardship and the battle ahead. The forgotten need to become part of the next Detroit by understanding the next how.

Shotts Beverage Corp wants white and black stories to be part of the next how of Detroit, as we work to the future of new stories, product collection, building exterior and off grid power approval, along with team building.