Inspiration Of Motherhood: Who’s Raising Those Single Moms’ Babies?



Ann Brenoff

Senior Writer, The Huffington Post

Increasingly more unmarried 20-somethings are having babies, the U.S. Census Bureau tells us. What the U.S. Census Bureau doesn’t tell us is who is supporting and raising those kids. Here’s one not-so-crazy thought: A lot of midlifers are getting pressed into service to help raise their grandchildren.

As of 2011, a full 62 percent of women age 20 to 24 who gave birth in the previous 12 months weren’t married,according to the just released Census report.

But the Census did not ask where these moms and their babies called home, acknowledges Rose Kreider, a family demographer with the Census Bureau and one of the report’s authors. She told The Huffington Post that she thinks many of them live either independently or with their babies’ fathers — but added that she really wasn’t sure because the Census didn’t ask. She pointed us…

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